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All prices are FROM and depend on customers location, the number of cleaning objects and contamination.
Minimum order: 150$.
The company YS Cleaners, we offer a wide array of cleaning services:
Additional offerings include cleaning of chairs, headboards, benches, and more. We also provide extra services such as drying, stain protection, and pet hair removal. Committed to eco-friendliness, our team uses non-toxic, green cleaning solutions for your safety and environmental sustainability. Special discounts are available for bookings in advance.
93% of our clients become regulars and refer us to others
Couch Cleaning
Our team provides expert cleaning for all types of couches, ensuring thorough care and maintenance.
Upholstery Cleaning
Mattress Cleaning
Our professional services extend to various upholstery items, helping maintain their quality and appearance.
We ensure your mattresses, regardless of size, are cleaned to promote hygiene and comfort.
Carpet Cleaning
We specialize in cleaning carpets of various sizes and types, including challenging areas like staircases.

cleaning prices

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U-shape couch
(5 and more seaters)
185$ 165$+
Love seat
140$ 125$+
3 seaters couch
150$ 135$+
4 seaters couch
160$ 145$+
L-shape couch
170$ 155$+
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Full size
90$ 80$+
King size California
145$ 130$+
King size
135$ 120$+
Queen size
100$ 90$+
Twin size
80$ 70$+
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Arm chairs
70$ 60$+
Dining chairs
23$ 20+ each
Headbords + Bedframes
120$ 105$+
45$ 40$+
40$ 35$+
80$ 70$+
60$ 50$+
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75$ 65$+
Room area carpet
115$+ or 0.6$ sq.ft
Carpeted staircases
100$+(12 steps) each next 7-9$
105$ 95$+
90$ 80$+
85$ 75$+
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45$ 40$+
Scotchgard protection
30$ 25$+
Pet hair removal
35$ 30$+
Lint removal
35$ 30$+
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Our cleaning quality is at a high level, plus a special attitude towards the client is always kindness, honesty, transparency, and support in case of difficult situations. We respect our clients.

Our Process

Client Consultation
You reach out to us for service inquiries and estimates.
Appointment Scheduling
We discuss your specific needs and schedule a service at your convenience.
Pre-Cleaning Guidance (If required)
We provide instructions on any pre-cleaning preparations you need to make.
Professional Cleaning
Our expert team arrives to carry out the cleaning using eco-friendly, non-toxic products.
Quality Assurance
Post-cleaning, we ensure you're satisfied with the results.
Finalizing Service
Payment is processed through various options, and we welcome your valuable feedback

Answers to FAQ's

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